Sustainable Development Goals

What are sustainable development goals?
How do we refer to them in the terms of
cultural sector and artistic creation?
How can we use this knowledge
for creating the impact?

The sustainable development goals is a universal call a better and more sustainable future that was adopted by  all United Nations Member States in 2015. 
Culture does not appear as such in the 17 SDGs, however she has a lot of strong links with many components of the blueprint. As it is always at the heart of any transformational path for human development

This workshop demonstrates the power of artistic services to create social impact. The ability of art to raise questions instead of communicating a message or providing its spectators with answers reveals its great power to play a leading role in terms of cultural change.

More specifically, this module raises questions in three areas when it comes to artistic organization.

-Mission and Purpose
-Action and Collaboration
-Impact and Evaluation

The aim of LeCake is to take these reference tools to explore and simplify them in order to create application useful for cultural structures. We also ensured that the modules created have a generic value so that they can be used by everyone.

Learn about SDG Reports through a 3 hour workshop-class.
First session is about knowledge of the basics
Second session offers to share experts testimonies
Third session is dedicated to ideation: how to transform this knowledge into practical projects

SDG Reports knowledge session

Acquisition of knowledge and discussion on the reference system and its specificities

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SDG Reports Experts session

Meeting with experts and questions and answers on inspiring examples

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SDG Reports Ideation session

Appropriation of the new shared values through a concrete co-creation process

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