#1 SDG Reports knowledge session

The knowledge session is the first module of the SDG sequence.
It is designed to allow the participants to understand the general framework of the referential through a reverse-learning process. 

This workshop aims to 

  • Introduce participants to the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) and their significance within the artistic sector
  • Explore how artistic and cultural organisations can align their missions with SDGs
  • Discuss the impact of artistic practices in addressing the SDGs
  • Highlight examples of how artistic products can
    contribute to positive change 
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During the first part of the workshop, participants are presented with a short 10’ video about SDGS and its examples on their role and importance within cultural sector in three levels:

  • Artistic/cultural organisations’ missions 

  • Artistic practices

  • Impact of the artistic products created

After,  30 minutes are dedicated to reflections, based on their own experience in their artistic organisations 

MISSION: Is there something in the mission of an artistic group related to the SDGs?

IMPACT: How do we measure the impact of work related to the SDGs?

What do we do in our practices towards a more sustainable future?

CHALLENGES: What do we do in our practices towards a more sustainable future?

Introduction video 10'

Learn on UN Sunstainable Development Goals with Ohi Pezoume introduction video