#2 SDG Reports Experts Session

The expert workshop is the second module of the SDGs sequence. It is designed to allow the participants to learn from the perspective of the experts that are chosen for their involvement with the topic from a specific angle.
Regarding the SDGs more specifically, the expert workshop aims is to :

Put into perspective the knowledge acquired during the first session through different points of view and case studies

Learn from actors of the cultural sector who have diverse and specific approaches to the recommendations of the SGGs

Identify whether a cultural project is in line with the learning of the UN SDGs.

During the first part of the workshop, the panelist is introduced. He/She is providing his or her own insight on the topic.
That can be through a live presentation, if the expert is present to the workshop, or through a recorded presentation. 

During the second part of the session, the group discuss the presentation of the expert.They can exchange together and address questions and remarks to the expert if she or he is present, or to the organizer of the workshop.

2. Experts (9')