Third Places


What exactly is the concept of a “third place”?
Are there specific characteristics that define a third place?
What role do they play in culture?


“The third place is a space that exists outside of the home (the first place) and outside of the workplace (the second place).”  this is the term covering multiple realities and themes, constantly evolving.

This concept was created by American sociologist Ray Oldenburg in 1989 book “The Great, Good Place”.

In contemporary society, third places encompass a broad spectrum of activities, including coworking spaces, community hubs, networking opportunities, and collaborative ventures. In particular, within cultural third places, we observe innovative approaches to learning, production, and design, with a focus on placing the user at the center of the experience.

Learn about Third Places through a 3-hour workshop-class.
First session is about knowledge of the basics
Second session offers to share experts testimonies
Third session is dedicated to ideation: how to transform this knowledge into practical projects 

Third places knowledge session

Acquisition of knowledge and discussion on the reference system and its specificities

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Third Places Expert session

Meeting with experts and questions and answers on inspiring examples

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Third Places Ideation session

Appropriation of the new shared values through a concrete co-creation process

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