#3 SDG Reports Ideation session

The ideation workshop concludes the sequence about the Sustainable Development Goals.

It is a more dynamic and participative workshop, requiring the involvement of the participants to put into practice what they learned from the two other sessions.
Based on concrete exercises, this final step is designed to make participants get into a collaborative process to
co-create an example of an artistic intervention or guideline aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals .

Regarding the SDGs more specifically, the ideation workshop aims is to :
  • Foster creative thinking and collaboration
  • Encourage participants to apply their insights and learnings from the previous discussions.
  • Develop practical ideas for artistic interventions that can address specific SDGs or societal challenges.
  • Inspire participants to think innovatively about how their artistic skills can make a positive impact on the world.

This part of the workshop turned from a co-design process into an interesting conversation of what is at the core of artistic production and what the difference is between art and cultural practices when it comes to goals and impact.

A general and very useful insight was that art has the power to address and provoke the audience’s feelings, as it “talks to their stomach”, creating a body- experience. Therefore, art is not used as a means of communication of a message rather than an urge to express and embody a certain feeling.

This assumption put the connection between artists and the Sustainable Development Goals to a more provocative state, and the participants started to form ideas of a potential artwork and its substantial elements to create such intense feelings and raise questions around the definition of sustainability, development and impact.

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