#6 Carbon Footprint Tools & Road Maps Of Decarbonization

“SEEDS is something that we really wanted to create as a tool that all the professionals in the living art sector could use quite easily”
– Éloise Rolland, ARVIVA

ARVIVA, a French cultural association, created the SEEDS tool to assess the environmental impact of live performances. It’s a free and open-source software developed in collaboration with experts, including biodiversity and carbon emissions specialists. The tool is designed to help professionals in the living art sector calculate their environmental footprint and address the sector’s lack of environmental data. In addition to SEEDS, other calculators can be used: Creative Climate Tools, The GoodPlanet Foundation’s Calculator, TAPAUS, Climeet.

Session leader: Héloïse Lesimple, The Shift Project
Speakers: Éloise Rolland, Chloé Dufin, ARVIVA

Article written by Angela Mognol

Which are the carbon footprint tools developed, easy to use and tailored to the activities of performing arts organizations?

Today we met Éloise Rolland and Chloé Dufin from ARVIVA, a French association with a unique mission: ARVIVA was born out of the realization that live performances, such as theater, dance, and music, have a significant role to play in addressing environmental issues.
To tackle the challenge of measuring the ecological environmental footprint of live performance projects, ARVIVA created the Simulation of the Environmental Footprint of Live Performances (SEEDS) tool.
SEEDS is a free and open-source software designed to help professionals in the living art sector assess the environmental impact of their activities. It provides a means to calculate the environmental footprint of live performances and offers valuable insights into the ecological consequences of their work.

The development of the SEEDS tool was a collaborative effort that involved multiple experts. The ARVIVA team worked with biodiversity experts, circular economy specialists, and individuals with expertise in carbon emissions. The tool was designed to be user-friendly, making it accessible to professionals in the living art sector. 

One notable aspect of the SEEDS tool is its emphasis on data accuracy. The team compiled the necessary data to ensure that the calculations provided are as precise as possible. ARVIVA members were actively involved in testing the tool, providing valuable feedback to refine its performance and enhance its functionality.

The creation of the SEEDS tool was motivated by two primary reasons. First and foremost, ARVIVA developed the tool for its members who needed a reliable way to measure the ecological environmental footprint of their activities within the living art sector. In addition to this, there was a glaring lack of data regarding the environmental impact of the living art sector as a whole. By creating the SEEDS tool, ARVIVA aimed to address this data deficit and empower the entire living art sector to assess and reduce its environmental footprint.

The SEEDS tool is available for use by professionals in the living art sector. It is a free and open-source resource, ensuring that it is accessible to a wide audience. Users can access the tool online, making it convenient for anyone in the industry. By focusing on the main environmental impacts associated with live performances, the SEEDS tool offers a practical solution for measuring and mitigating the sector’s ecological footprint.

“We want to consider SEEDS as a scientific tool, more than a creative one”
– Chloé Dufin, ARVIVA

Lecturers introduced several other carbon footprint calculators developed in Europe. 

Creative Climate Tools
Developed by Julie’s Bicycle, this english carbon calculator that is entirely free to use. This tool is built on a foundation of different imaging areas, including energy use, water consumption, waste, travel, and materials. By providing a comprehensive analysis of these aspects, it equips professionals in the industry with a better understanding of their ecological footprint.
-The GoodPlanet Foundation’s Calculator
-The GoodPlanet Foundation contributes to the environmental cause with its free calculator. The primary goal of this tool is to raise awareness about the environmental issues stemming from live events in the entertainment sector. It’s free of use, and serves as a resource for both professionals and the public, helping to highlight and address the ecological challenges within the industry.
The Finnish “TAPAUS” calculator seeks to inspire users to make climate contributions that offset their emissions. This tool encourages a more sustainable approach by motivating individuals and organizations to take responsibility for their carbon footprint. By focusing on climate contributions, it not only highlights emissions but also proactive measures to counter them.
Climeet is a french calculator and it’s not free; however, it compensates for this with a higher level of detail and comprehensive analysis. Created in 2020 following the Cannes Festival, it was developed in response to the environmental concerns brought to light during the event. Climeet’s goal extends beyond measurement; it offers strategies and insights on how to reduce and manage greenhouse gas emissions effectively.

What is our takeaway?

ARVIVA’s SEEDS tool is a testament to the organization’s commitment to sustainability in the living art sector.
ARVIVA has provided a valuable resource for professionals to evaluate and reduce the environmental impact of their live performance projects, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable future for the arts