Chapter 2. Decarbonising culture

This second educational chapter is designed, tested and evaluated from April 2023 to September 2023. 

4 modules will be created to explore the research carried out by the Shift Project think tank over the last 10 years, and more particularly its dedicated “culture” group and its December 2021 publication “Decarbonising Culture”. The Shift’s work is aimed at the cultural sector as a whole. The design work related to Cake will be to “translate” its work so that its values can be assimilated by small organisations in a variety of European contexts. Shift will also ensure that its tools have generic value so that they can be used by others.

4 educational modules will be offered:

An event module, which proposes an adaptation of the Climate Fresque (method developed by the Shifters, associate partner) in an application to culture.

Three modules based on the structure of knowledge acquisition/ expert meeting/ workshop.

  • Module 2. Decarbonising Culture – The Report  
  • Module 3. The 5 major dynamics of transformation.  
  • Module 4. Recommendations adapted to small agile consortium structures, transposable to the ecosystem around the structures.

The process of creating these 4 modules will contribute to the general objective of the project in that it will give the partners concrete tools that can be implemented in the consortium’s ideations in a decarbonisation logic. 

These will be software bricks that can be positioned to design new sustainable projects rather than seeking to adapt existing ones.