Nicola Lorè, Communication and dissemination manager for Le sas

Nicola Lorè, Communication and dissemination manager for Le sas

  • 10 April 2023

Nicola Lorè started as a young ambassador for Le sas, and is now in charge of the communication and the dissemination within LeCAKE.

Can you tell us why you chose to join the project?

Because getting started is what is needed to change things. We talk a lot about ecological transition, sustainable development, and environmental protection. However, do we really take actions in this direction? Often not. Joining LeCAKE was an opportunity to give us this nudge.

What do you think the fact of working at the European scale is bringing to the project ?

Certainly cooperation can play a crucial role. I think it will take time to amalgamate and figure out how best to work together. However, the exchange of views, the debate behind this project, bring immense value and consequently more inspiration for change. A solid common goal is set in which if we are together we can succeed.

How do you see your role within the project, what can you bring to this partnership ?

The sas is a place where art and science come together bound together by research. It is precisely this attitude to research that will surely enable us to bring value to the project. Le sas is part of a research module on the New European Bauhaus, and in the course of the project it will play an important role regarding new business models within the cultural sector. Finally, surely Le sas will bring within the partnership a critical and constructive perspective, based also on what are the new internal policies regarding for example the exhibition of works. Already for some time but especially since we have been participating in LeCAKE, our way of exhibiting works has changed, opting for fewer but longer exhibitions, thus avoiding excessive travel for transportation and logistics, thus reducing the impact on the environment of Le sas and its own works.

What are the most common challenges faced your organization in terms of ecology?

Certainly one of the main problems that Le sas faces is that related to the display of the works, which if not managed sustainably would risk having a very high impact on the environment. But on this, as mentioned earlier, we have been working on it for some time. Also, being very involved in digital art, we make use of technological tools and equipment, which we often prefer to be reconditioned. Finally, the energy consumption of the works themselves is something we try to work on every day, trying to make them as autonomous as possible.

What do you hope LeCAKE will bring to your organization?

Our interest in the issues that LeCAKE seeks to address has always been there. However, it is interesting to investigate deeper, and we hope to gain even more concrete knowledge about what we can do, both internally and in contact with society.

What do you hope LeCAKE will bring to the cultural sector as a whole?

We expect that LeCAKE can slowly become known and that the issues that are addressed within the consortium can interest more and more cultural actors. The hope is that LeCAKE can be the beginning of a path of change that needs to be made, even quickly. We think we can be an inspiration to other small and medium-sized cultural organizations.

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