Le sas, science-art-society group

Le sas is a project that originated from the company Métonymie. Le sas refounds a strong idea of art on science in society through the research, the fabrication, the experimentation and the diffusion of cybernetic art-science installations. It is a place of research and exchange between artists and scientists open to everyone. Through its dissemination activities, it is also a mobile art and science venue that seeks to meet the public.

Main activities

The sas is a science-art-society group equipped for the research, conception, realisation and dissemination of artistic and scientific works. It is a bridge between science and art, between research and society, between the imaginary and its materialization. It is situated at the artistic frontier of cybernetics, at the advances of digital art, at the level of current scientific research, at the cutting edge of technological developments carried out by laboratories.

The sas aims to develop a culture of science-art-society projects, to promote a scientific and artistic culture, to accompany art-science projects. It is an interest of the LeCAKE Train project to bring together art and ecology in its purpose. During this project, the sas will be an important artistic partner. Thanks to its location, it will also contribute to the training of participants in cultural innovation.

Le sas supports the development of two to four collective creations per year. These creations are part of a culture of discovery and change of reference. They are generally based on capturing the environment and interacting with the public. They are the result of work on the unexpected.

The sas has developed the project “l’Air du Pollen”, an artistic project that deals with ecology. This project was carried out in collaboration with the Transplanisphere. A project that tells us about the diversity of plants that were here long before us.

Its manifesto: Born of improbable encounters, mysterious adventures and unknown contributions, it is carried by the wind on this paradise that is the Earth. Even today, each pollen grain, however small, is full of the heritage that the plant passes on.

L’Air du pollen is a creation of Vues de l’esprit; an opening of the sas, a science-art-society group and Transplanisphère; a production of La métonymie, in collaboration with the ESE and BioMaps, in partnership with the CNRS and the Université Paris-Saclay and with the support of the IDEEV and the Fondation Carasso


Regular partners: IR4M, Lab-STICC, IAS, LIMSI, Tec-CICO, Irfu, the Arts-Music Department, the Optics Institute.

Regular funding: In various ways, the actions of the sas have been and are supported by the CNRS, the University of Paris-Sud and the University of Paris-Saclay, the Ile-de-France Region and the Department of Essonne. The airlock is currently supported by the Carasso Foundation for the project l’Air du Pollen in the framework of the call for projects “Art Citoyen”.

The works are installed and exhibited in France and abroad in places and in front of very different audiences, ranging from the general public to the educational sector.


The team

The sas team is composed of about ten people. In the team, 3 people will be specially dedicated to Cake: Xavier Maitre, Nadia de Bernardi and Béatrice Albert.