The New European Bahaus: First international referential

The New European Bahaus: First international referential

  • 9 January 2023

The New European Bauhaus is a very recent EU initiative on sustainability and creativity. It is the first international standard to be the subject of a module in the LeCAKE Train research. It will serve as an example for all others. 

For the members of the LeCAKE Train, it is a reference that can inspire the implementation of future artistic projects. It is still quite “general” and requires field organizations like us to make it concrete and stimulating for our creativity.

The main principles of NEB

In the 20th century, the German “Bauhaus” movement revolutionized the design field by emphasizing the combination of functionality and aesthetics. 


NEB is a continuation of this movement. This initiative follows the European “Green Deal”, a common goal to eliminate the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. It is also about supporting competitive European economies without exhausting resources and ensuring the inclusion of all European citizens.


NEB aims to support the cultural and creative dimension of the Green Deal for Europe. By demonstrating that sustainable innovation can be translated into concrete and positive experiences in our daily lives, it wants to re-imagine the link between sustainable development and art in different forms. 

It is based on three main principles: 


  • Sustainability, with climate objectives and circular sustainability, including the fight against pollution and biodiversity
  • Aesthetics, through the quality of the experience and style, beyond functionality
  • Inclusion, with valuing diversity to ensure accessibility and affordability


NEB has a resolutely interdisciplinary and participatory approach. It aims to build bridges between different backgrounds and disciplines by relying on participation at all levels. It hopes to strengthen the role of local and regional authorities, industries, and creative and innovative minds in a cooperative way to improve the quality of life of Europeans.

The implementation of the NEB 

In concrete terms, NEB, adopted in 2021, highlights initiatives that are in line with its values and objectives thanks to the mobilization of European funds: various EU programs such as the Horizon Europe program for research and innovation, the LIFE program for environment and climate action, or the European Regional Development Fund, have made it possible to mobilize 85 million euros dedicated to NEB projects for the period 2021-2022.


Prizes are awarded to reward the progress made by actors and give visibility to inspiring, beautiful, sustainable and inclusive concepts. Through the calls for projects launched since 2020, many inspiring projects and ideas that fit into NEB have also been developed across Europe.


The European Commission has also set up a Lab, a think tank and action group in charge of co-creation and testing processes of tools, solutions and recommendations. It collects and links transformation initiatives and good practices in a formal and informal learning process. It also connects actors to find new ways to create together and trigger concrete transformation on the ground.


Finally, the Commission also invites Member States to apply the values of the new European Bauhaus in their territorial, social and economic development strategies.

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