First New European Bahaus Workshop at La Sorbonne Nouvelle

First New European Bahaus Workshop at La Sorbonne Nouvelle

  • 19 December 2022

On December 13, 2022, the Transplanisphere team and three students from the LeCAKE Train Collective Project of SciencesPo Paris presented the first draft of the New European Bauhaus workshop. With them, 12 students from the University of La Sorbonne Nouvelle (Master 1 Management of intercultural projects) who took on the role of “beta-testers” for the occasion.

Before the finalization of this module, this first workshop aimed at testing a methodology in 3 steps in order to identify possible necessary adjustments. The complex subject of NEB was presented to an uninformed audience, in order to test the quality of the format we created: none of the audience members had heard of NEB before the presentation.
Objective of our module:
– to make NEB attractive to our audience,
– to trigger discussions on its issues,
– discover examples of NEB projects,
– open ideation workshops to transform new knowledge into group creativity

The presentation of the topics was first done in the format of a short introduction of the main general concepts of NEB and the main challenges it faces. It also showed the European awards given under this NEB label by the European Union.
The presentation of the topics was first done in the format of a short explanation of NEB and will soon be converted into videos shot by the students: short clips that will be given to watch in the future NEB program of LeCAKE. Everyone will be able to enter at their own rhythm in a logic of “reversed pedagogy”.
This learning sequence was followed by a collective discussion, then a quiz to encourage participation.

The experts’ point of view was then provided by viewing concrete examples of NEB implementation, with the Gleis 21 project, or through the prism of the European Capitals of Culture and the Research and Innovation Days.
In the final module, interviews with experts specially interviewed for the project will feed this part, also followed by a follow-up discussion. After having understood the values of NEB, we enter into the logic of projects that implement them.

In the third part of the workshop, a time of ideation allows the participants to go further with their inspiration. How to implement this knowledge, to imagine together proposals to better integrate these new learnings. 

For this test at La Sorbonne Nouvelle, it was proposed to use several methods from the practical guide on co-creation, Se développer en rhizome, by André Fortin and Franck Louesdon. In the final module, five methods should be proposed, but the group chose to focus on and experiment with three of them for this first workshop: Musée hétéroclite, Perceptions croisées and Idées expresso. Small groups were created, moderated by SciencesPo students.

A Google form was created to collect feedback and measure the impact of the presentation. Overall, the feedback was positive and particularly emphasized the moments of interaction and creativity. This reinforces our desire to create video content so that the learning part can be done independently and that the workshops are moments of work and sharing. 

I really enjoyed the quiz, which helped me better understand the issues of the New Bauhaus. I also enjoyed the final workshop the ideation process, as it was interactive and pushed me to think outside the box.

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