Day 2 in Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie​


Second day we started in Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie – one of the biggest scientific museums in Europe. 

There we visited the “Climate Emergency” exhibition, which had its doors open since May 2023. Showing us the consequences and things that can happen if we don’t act against climate change now.
Cité team(Sarah Pean, Gabrielle Zaug) also gave us a big presentation about how the exhibition was built and organised.
How it uses reusable materials and tries to stay in line with its values not only for the content, but on the materials side as well.

For example, the wood floor of this exhibition comes from other exhibitions of the museum that have already reached their end.

LeCake cite climate

Afternoon, was full of positive and hopeful notes with Charles Menard (Shifters’ member) workshop on green storytelling.
He touched a lot of subjects including: ecology in arts, storytelling, raising sustainable questions in artworks, its challenges and creative solutions. 

At the end, splitted in 4 groups, LeCake team needed to implement his presentation into practice. Being given 4 different movies, we need to make a remake, while imagining them being filmed in 2035. 

If a normal remake is all about new technology, fast cars and robots, our remakes were all about low footprint, ecology, trees and green decisions.

That gave us space to think out of borders, propose new ideas and to imagine tomorrow’s world as a better place. 

LeCake cite escalator

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