Day 1 in Académie du Climat


For the first day of the week we went to Académie du Climat.
(City of Paris venue hosting initiatives that tackle climate change. The City of Paris co-fund LeCAKE Train)

It was a really significant place for our project as it is used to exchange ideas, understandings, experiments and getting involved in environmental challenges which was really in line with our goal that week as well.

In the morning, a few opening and welcoming words were curated by Heloise Lesimple (The Shift Project).
We had a great discussion about what we have already learned, what we didn’t agree with and what kind of questions remained for each of us.

The most interesting part was to hear all of the partners expressing their thoughts while aligning them to their own countries and experiences.
The diversity of the team is something that really helps LeCAKE move further and look at the question of sustainability in different lights and perspectives. 


In the afternoon, we were able to put our knowledge more into practice with the game “Cultural Fresk”(inspired by Climate Fresk) and organised by Shifters. Different scenarios, obstacles, opportunities – all of this to challenge us with our actions on the way of sustainability in the cultural sector.


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