#3 European Green Deal Ideation Session

The ideation workshop concludes the sequence about the European Green Deal

It is a more dynamic and participative session, requiring the involvement of the participants to put into practice what they learned from the two other sessions.
Based on concrete examples, this final step is designed to make participants get into a collaborative process to
imagine how can they implement this reference tool.


This ideation session tackled the relationship between the European Green Deal and the Cultural and Creative sectors. What kind of support will the European Green Deal give to artists? How can creatives implement it, and what are its shortcomings in terms of involving this sector in Europe’s green transition?

What is the relationship between the European Green Deal and the Cultural and Creative sectors, and more broadly, between
environmental policy and cultural policy?

How can the Cultural and Creative sectors be an effective driver in achieving the goals set out by the European Green Deal?
Looking at it in another way; do Cultural and Creative sector professionals have a sufficient understanding of the European Green Deal’s goals – are they feasible, and should the Cultural and creative sectors pursue them?

Eric Hervé Ponthieu is a true EU policy insider with 28-year professional experience in EU sustainable development policy- and decision-making. Currently, he is the Strategy Director of the Fair Trade Advocacy Office and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Bologna, teaching at the Master’s course on Resource Economics and Sustainable Development. 

Benedek Jávor is a Hungarian environmentalist who, as a Member of the European Parliament for Párbeszéd Magyarországért (Dialogue for Hungary) during 2014-2019, was active in the formation of the European Green Deal.  In the 2010 general elections, he won a seat in the Hungarian National Assembly and was Chair of the Sustainable Development Committee for most of his mandate. Furthermore, Benedek is a founding member of the environmental NGO Védegylet (Protect the Future!) 

Environmental Working Group - Green Deal session

Meet the experts : Benedek Jávor and Eric Hervé Ponthieu to discuss and reflect upon the Green Deal role in the Cultural and Creative sectors.