Máté – young ambassador joins La Transplanisphère!

Máté – young ambassador joins La Transplanisphère!

  • 9 April 2024

The Parisian team of LeCAKE welcomes new members!
Máté Tenke – young ambassador of LeCAKE, a freelance project manager and ex-head of the Sustainability Team at Pro Progressione, joins La Transplanisphère.
Máté was also a facilitator at various conferences as the coordinator of the Environmental Working Group at
IETM and a co-founder of Creative Degrowth Network Scotland.

Within  the framework of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program, he will spend fourth month(from April – July) 
to experiment with and rethink international cooperation projects with the La Transplanisphére team.
His main focus will be on LeCAKE and working together towards projects that are more sustainable and inclusive! 

We can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

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