Residency at Villette Makerz Fablab

Residency at Villette Makerz Fablab

  • 4 March 2024

It has been halfway of La Transplanisphere’s residency at Villette Makerz Fablab, a collaborative design
laboratory and a cultural space located in Paris, France.

During this time, we’ve begun to develop methodologies on green Fablabs for LeCAKE’s Train “New Models” Chapter, delving into the essence of Fablabs—exploring their economic models, collaborative approaches,
influences, and overarching goals.

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What are their main activities? Which values do they have? Who is their public?
In what way Fablabs differ from each other and in what way they are similar?
And how the notion of Fablab can play an important role in promoting sustainability and environmental innovation?

These are the questions that we have been asking while working with the team of Villette Makerz:
including artists, public, managers and facilitation team. 

Sustainability, collaboration, inclusivity, mutualisation, transmission, openness and bottom-app approach – these values are at the core of Villette Makerz’s ethos. We hope that they can also offer inspiration for other cultural spaces seeking to enhance sustainability and impact.

What helps us to see different aspects and sides of how this type of structure works is the Fablab in Rocca Sinibalda, Rieti, in partnership with our Italian partners Teatro Rigodon.

The final point in our research, that we are preparing right now would be teaching module consisting of 3 sessions

  • Knowledge session. 

  • Expert session 

  • Ideation session

    We continue to work on the content to deliver materials that can transform into ideas on how to apply this
    to environmental issues in the cultural sector . 
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