2nd Chapter of The Cake with The Shift Project!

2nd Chapter of The Cake with The Shift Project!

  • 23 October 2023

After exploring the reference tools of the 1st Chapter dedicated to the international benchmarks, The Cake train
moves to Chapter 2.

In this chapter, we are digging into 6 modules that give us a better understanding of how crucial and important sustainable questions are in the cultural sector.
All of this with the help and guidance of our partners The Shift Project who are a think tank that work towards a carbon-free economy.
Every module is dedicated to different aspects of the issue and is followed by the learning session.
During which, experts share their professional experience about how they address the ecological crisis in their work.

After each presentation, the question&answer part takes place which gives participants the chance to get all the additional information concerning the subjects they are interested in. 

These are the 6 main topics presented and prepared by The Shift Project.

Module 1. Understanding the Ecological Impact of Cultural Activities  – cultural activities and their significant environmental impact, also known as the “cultural carbon footprint.”

Module 2. Environmental Impacts of Cultural Mobility – the cultural mobility of artists and audiences and its substantial environmental burden in the form of carbon emissions and resource consumption.(Gwenolenn Sharp “The Green Room”)
Module 3.  Levers of decarbonization – case studies – the new initiatives and practices that are being developed around sustainability by European theaters and cultural actors
(Hermann Lugan from “Where to land”, Tristan Pannatier “Stages” from Vidy-Lausanne Theater)
Module 4. L’impact environnemental du numérique – le secteur culturel reconnaît l’empreinte environnementale des pratiques numériques et de l’utilisation des équipements et prend des mesures proactives pour réduire leur impact sur l’environnement.
réduire leur impact sur l’environnement.
(Sylvian Baudoin, contributeur au chantier Lean-ICT de The Shift Project)
Module 5. Festival impact and circular economy – the impacts of cultural festivals, festival is going green, French public cultural authorities: their decarbonisation roadmaps
(Gaëlle Kikteff, project manager, consultant and trainer)
Module 6. Carbon footprint tools & road maps of decarbonization to be completed -the carbon footprint tools developed, easy to use and tailored to the activities of performing arts organizations
(Éloise Rolland, Chloé Dugin, “ARVIVA”)
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