Desirèe Proietti Lupi, artist and PR manager of Teatro Rigodon

Desirèe Proietti Lupi, artist and PR manager of Teatro Rigodon

  • 13 March 2023

Desirèe Proietti Lupi is an artist, in charge of communication, organisation and artistic work within Teatro Rigodon.

Can you tell us why you chose to join the project?

Teatro Rigodon is a partner of this European network led by Transplanisphere with which it shares the goal of implementing European cooperation in favor of cultural and pedagogical innovation.

What do you think the fact of working at the European scale is bringing to the project ?

Working on a European scale offers the project the possibility of having a greater grip on the various territories, and responses of an intercultural type.

How do you see your role within the project, what can you bring to this partnership ?

Teatro Rigodon, which has always been involved in social and environmental issues, will bring all its creative and design experience to the project.

What are the most common challenges faced your organization in terms of ecology?

Green Political Theater, through an innovative cultural format, seeks to create a discussion and planning table, to bring to the attention of citizens and local and national administrators all those issues that have human beings and the environment at their center.

What do you hope LeCAKE will bring to your organization?

Thanks to LeCAKE Teatro Rigodon has the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the proposed topics.

What do you hope LeCAKE will bring to the cultural sector as a whole?

LeCake has the opportunity to bring a real innovation in the cultural field with the development of a new intervention methodology.

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